AWS Security Audit

A client commissioned an independent security audit of its AWS VPC environment.  This highlighted a number of security risks and suggested actions to remediate.

The resulting report also included advice on reducing the AWS costs, improving Disaster Recovery and adding multi AZ High Availability.

NetApp Cloud ONTAP

Installation and configuration of a pair of replicated Cloud ONTAP instances into 2 availability zones within the AWS EU-WEST region.  Included configuring SNAPDRIVE and SNAPMANAGER for SQL to provide SQL resilience across 2 availability zones for "non RDS friendly" SQL applications

Agresso Deployment into AWS

Successful deployment of development, test and production Agresso MS4 environments into AWS using EC2, EBS, ELB, Netapp Cloud Ontapp 8.3 & MS SQL 2014.

Example completed projects: -

Data Centre Migration to AWS

A project to migrate and consolidate from on premise and co location data centre to AWS.  This included VMWare VM conversations to EC2 instances and migrating applications and services to new instances running Windows 2012 & SQL Server 2014.

Where possible the applications, services and infrastructure were redesigned to take advantage of the fault tolerant services within AWS.

Citrix XenApp 6.5 deployment into AWS

To support Cordant Groups migration to AWS I deployed XenApp 7.6 into AWS using EC2 instances and Citrix Machine Creation Services.

Whilst MCS makes it very easy to deploy the "Golden Image" to multiple Virtual Servers in the Machine Catalogue it does not provide the ability to scale up and down the farm. I have achieved this using custom powershell scripts. This reduced the EC2 OPEX costs by 60%.​